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In light of the recommendations in a Phase I ESA, the objective of an environmental characterization is to confirm or not the presence of contaminants on the site being studied by sampling soil and groundwater to determine the nature and location of any contamination. Environmental characterization also determines whether the existing soil is suitable for the planned usage and its levels of contamination in order to predict management costs.

Environmental characterizations are carried out according to the general principles in standard CSA Z769-00 and in compliance with MELCC guides and policies (Politique de protection et de réhabilitation des terrains contaminés, Guide d’échantillonnage à des fins d’analyses environnementales, Guide d’intervention – Protection des sols et réhabilitation des terrains contaminés and Guide de caractérisation des terrains) and CCME recommendations.

The Groupe SCP Environnement Inc. team has worked together for years and knows how to effectively manage environmental characterization projects. Groupe SCP Environnement Inc. owns its own drill (GeoProbe 420M), so it can start drilling right away, even in tight spaces.

Soil sampling, akin to a Phase 2 assessment, entails the drilling or excavation of potentially contaminated zones on a property to evaluate soil quality. Subsequent analysis of the soil will determine if it meets provincial or federal requirements/criteria.

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