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Tank Removal

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Groupe SCP Environnement Inc., Services et Expertises Pétrolières (SEP), holds a 1.8 licence from RBQ (RBQ 5639-6898-01), authorizing us to carry out construction work on facilities intended to use, store or distribute a petroleum product, along with similar or related construction work. Our experienced team is qualified to rapidly undertake any project involving tanks for petroleum products.

Groupe SCP Environnement Inc. has carried out a number of site rehabilitation projects, including removing above-ground and underground tanks.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs are sometimes required after certain site rehabilitation projects to ensure that the contamination problem has been totally dealt with. Normally these are programs to test samples of underground water for specific parameters for a few seasons.

Intervention in Case of a Spill

Groupe SCP Environnement Inc. has established a team of experienced technicians and professionals who excel in this type of work and we have on hand equipment to deal with spills, like absorbent pads, booms and pumps. This equipment is also for sale to clients.

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